Mental Health Counseling, Leadership Coaching, & Educational Consultation

Every Person Deserves Well-Being

Experience the Process Toward Well-Being

Every person deals with mental health challenges at various points in life. And every person who invests in therapy benefits from the process it takes to move toward well-being. Those who invest themselves in this confidential therapeutic space will discover insights for healing and resilient growth through the deepest and most vulnerable of one’s thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

Counseling & Consultation

Relationships and Family Systems

Identity, Sexuality, Autonomy and Esteem

Stress, Coping, and Self-Care

Anxiety and Depression

Grief, Pain, and Loss

Faith and Spiritual Challenges

Leadership Consultation

Emotional Intelligence

In private practice as a mental health counselor (counseling psychologist),
Lawrence specializes in person-centered, existential psychotherapy for clients. Essentially, this means the client discovers meaning, purpose, and healing through the process of therapy by what the client brings to the “here and now” of each therapy session. Lawrence offers services for adults, adolescents, or children.

Your Counselor

Lawrence Sharrett is from the United States and is currently based in Thessaloniki, Greece and Sofia, Bulgaria. Holding graduate degrees with high honors in Counseling Psychology & Psychotherapy, Educational Leadership, and Theology, he works with individuals, small groups, communities, and institutions to help facilitate experiences for well-being and leadership growth.

With 2000+ hours of counseling experience in hospitals, private practice, and group counseling settings, Lawrence serves international clients as a counseling psychologist, a leadership coach, and an educational consultant.