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Counseling Services

In private practice as a mental health counselor (counseling psychologist), Lawrence specializes in person-centered, existential therapeutic approaches for clients. This means, the client guides and discovers purpose in the process of therapy. Lawrence offers services for adults, adolescents, or children.

One of the biggest challenges for leaders is not a lack of knowledge, commitment, vision or other common leadership qualities; it’s a lack of emotional intelligence. In particular, it’s an inability to understand how one’s past or present unprocessed emotional experiences can influence one’s personal growth and interpersonal relationships. This can unintentionally contribute to pain and hurt for the people leaders serve. It is something that leaders often forget to consider, but it’s a blind spot that can change as a leader starts noticing.

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Areas of Exploration for Counseling & Consultation

Relationships and Family Systems

Identity, Sexuality, Autonomy and Esteem

Stress, Coping, and Self-Care

Anxiety and Depression

Grief, Pain, Sadness, and Loss

Faith and Spiritual Challenges

Leadership Consultation

Emotional Intelligence

Lawrence is particularly positioned for counseling work or leadership development work with people in the following areas:

Lawrence is particularly positioned for counseling work or leadership development work with people in the following areas:

Anxiety & Depressive Symptoms

People working through anxiety and depressive symptoms (as connected with any of the above listed “areas for exploration”), including people who feel stuck.

Trauma, Suicidal Thoughts, or Various Forms of Abuse

People who have experienced or are experiencing trauma, suicidal thoughts, or various forms of abuse (emotional, psychological, physical, sexual, spiritual).

Cross-Cultural Life, Work, & Experiences

People trying to understand mental health challenges caused by cross-cultural life, work, and experiences.

Academic, Social, or Emotional Support

Adolescents or children in need of academic, social, or emotional support, including parents looking for support with a child or adolescent.

Athletes & Coaches

Athletes and coaches (former or current) trying to understand mental health issues from an athletic identity based on performance and comparison.

Trainees, Interns, University or Graduate Students, Etc.

People preparing for or serving in the people-helping professions (trainees, interns, university or graduate students, and current leaders, etc.).


Leaders looking for a space to process, discern, and be served apart from the constant commitment to caring for others in one’s professional life.

Lawrence Sharrett

Mental Health Counseling, Leadership Development, and Life Coaching